Our company was established in 1998. Jody Glover joined the organization eight years ago and his mission since becoming owner has been to change the culture of Glover Logistics, making Customer Service its top priority!


Jody came from a very customer service oriented national retailer. He brought his 25 years of competitive retail experience to Glover Logistics

Great Employees …Great Service

Jody understood that employees are the key to delivering an outstanding customer experience. As a result, our staff has over 150 years of Austin area courier, freight and warehouse experience.


Additionally, Jody recruited only those people willing to create a new vision for customer service at Glover Logistics. It’s that vision that keeps us on a path toward continuous improvement and innovation.


That is why we can confidently make our claim, “Results Guaranteed or It’s Free. Guaranteed!

Loyalty Through Performance

The Glover Logistics team strives to make small service improvements every day. These incremental performance gains add up to better service for you.


We know our clients appreciate this effort because they keep using our services again and again.